Why choose ASSET?

ASSET is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which operates from a web enterprise platform available 24/7 anywhere in the world via the Internet.

ASSET offers key benefits for both Regulators and Service Providers:

  • Storage and Publication: States can store and publish their existing and proposed obstacles with surfaces along with state provided terrain surfaces.
  • Digital: By digitizing the construction process you gain greater operational efficiency as well as significant time and cost savings for both the state and the planner.
  • Visualisation: ASSET provided 2D and 3D modeling to substantially facilitate in the assessment of obstacles.
  • Knowledge: Our previous experience implementing eTOD allows us to assist and advise clients with their requirements, potential data gaps, and data quality.
  • Support: Once ASSET is set up, we provide extensive training on the use of the system, provide comprehensive support, and maintenance of the service.
  • Data Origination: ASSET meets ADQ data origination requirements resulting in traceability and EUROCONTROL data quality, assurance, and safety of all aeronautical data. Data ingestion via CSV files, EC Survey standards provides ease of data ingestion, and allows expeditious. ASSET becomes your trusted source for digital aeronautical data.
  • Cloud Deployed: ASSET utilizes cloud deployment models. ASSET was audited by an independent company for security and reliability, which ASSET passed.
  • OGC Standards: ASSET uses OGC standards with technology upgrades. This allows for security updates and auto updates with no downtown time to the user.
  • Enterprise Solution: ASSET is not a seat based service, but a enterprise solution with log in and site permissions provided by the owner.


Our knowledge of terrain and obstacles ensures safety and accuracy when evaluating planned, new, or altered structures in a State’s airspace. ASSET provides the means to collect obstacle data, evaluate it against obstacle avoidance surfaces and CNS, and determine the impact to air navigation.


ASSET offers the tools to manage ATS Airspace, Temporary Airspace, Navigation Warning Areas, and RPAS, which is important to both eTOD and AIP. ASSET provides a single unified database of airspace information, allowing it to be use for airspace management and other functions.


With the forthcoming ASSET 2.0.0 release, ASSET will provide the means to publish eAIP solutions in digital and paper form. This includes AIP, amendments, supplements, and circulars. ASSET provides the means to collect information on required changes from the originating stakeholder, review, and approve all changes for publication.